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Leverage AI to quickly find the most impactful Amazon SEO keywords and phrases for your listing. Keyword Wizard stands out as the most progressive Amazon keyword tool available.

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Discover Amazon Keywords Tailored for You

With LaunchGPT, finding robust, high-performing keywords for your listing has never been simpler.

  • Reverse-ASIN lookup

    Identify the keywords and ranking strategies used by your leading competitors to emulate their success or spot opportunities they overlooked.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Search

    Uncover the top Amazon keywords for your listing through a root keyword search spanning all Amazon SEO.

  • Select Your Keyword Approach

    Choose your keyword strategy, and LaunchGPT will promptly locate the top Amazon SEO keywords and phrases to maximize your reach and traffic.

  • Improve your list with AI

    Say goodbye to manually sifting through hundreds of keywords. LaunchGPT employs AI to automatically find and discard poor-quality keywords from your list.

  • Export your Keywords

    Once your keyword list is refined, seamlessly export it to LaunchGPT's Listing Creator with a single click and download your list for PPC.

Create A Strong Launch

The right Amazon SEO keywords are vital to attract traffic to your listings. LaunchGPT Keyword Wizard aids you in defining your ranking strategy and putting it into action.

Eliminate Unwanted Amazon SEO Keywords With AI

LaunchGPT utilizes AI to identify and remove branded keywords and phrases, and irrelevant terms from your keyword list. These streamlined keywords lead to better conversions and enhance your listing's performance.

Uncover Potent New Keywords

Amazon SEO is continually evolving—that's why listings need re-optimizing. Keyword Wizard simplifies updating your keyword research and discovering new keywords shoppers use to find your products.

LaunchGPT Plans And Pricing

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